March 11, 2011

Green apple makeover.

So last weekend I had hoped to work on this old side dresser, end table or whatever you want to call it...but then I got sick. So Saturday was pretty much a waste and most of Sunday, too! But in between the coughing, sneezing, fever and chills...I managed to get it done!
This gorgeous color was my inspiration. My living room consist of various shades of tan, white, grey and purple so I thought a little pop of a bright green would work really well!
And I am NOT disappointed so let's get to it!

 Because this guy was in pretty bad condition I knew I needed to sand it down. So it dragged it outside and got to work! Here's the before sanding picture...
And after sanding...
Although it still looks pretty bad it was way smoother and good enough for me!!

Here it was after a few coats of apple green spray paint! In the direct sunlight...let's just say it was kind of blinding and I began to think that perhaps it was the wrong color. But it grew on me and once I brought it inside, I really began to love it!
See, not as bright indoors...or maybe it is. Whatever - I still like it! I also like the way the space is broken up inside with those little dividers!
Here's a closer look with the hardware - which by the way were originally brass and only .60 cents each! So they got a little shot of oil rubbed bronze spray paint and were just like the ones I could have paid $3.50 each for! Why is hardware so freaking expensive? I don't get it...
Oh well...I'll stick with brass and spray paint as long as it is! 

So here's one more before...yikes!
And after!
I'm really pleased with the color and the way it looks in the room! If I ever get the hang of glazing, this is a piece I just might try it on. It has the perfect little lines and details that would totally pop if highlighted. We'll see...maybe someday!

Until next time...

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