March 1, 2011

A new place.

As some of you may know, I've been living in my grandparents house for the past five years while looking after my grandpa. After he passed away last year, I knew that my time in that house was coming to a close since we'd have to sell it. After a year of cleaning it out, fixing things up, and some staging it was officially listed a few weeks ago. I love this house so much and it saddens me to imagine that it won't be in my family much longer. I'm trying to look on the bright side but there's no doubt about it - I'm going to miss this place!
Since I couldn't live in denial of the fact that I would have to move, I figured I'd better start praying about it! And I have been doing so for the last year. In addition to general things like a smooth transition, easy sale of the current house, and for His hand to be in the entire process, I had a few specific items on my list, too!

My housing wish list:
House or guest house
Nice neighborhood
Close to work and church
Close to park or walking trail

And would you believe that I found a place that fits EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. And then some!! I never doubted that God would provide for my basic needs (like a roof) but never imagined He'd give me a place that is so perfect!

So where am I going?? Let me tell you! It's a brand new guest house in a nice neighborhood, minutes to work and church, down the street from a park and fits within my budget! God is good!

It's still being built so it's been fun to see progress - here are some pictures from about a month ago!

The living room:
The front door/entry:
The bedroom:
The bathroom:
And the kitchen and side entrance:
It's definitely going to be a cozy space but I'm so excited to decorate and blog all about it! 

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