May 31, 2011

Kitchen - before and after.

Just a few short months ago, this was my kitchen! It was hard to really picture what it would look like but I had faith that it would be beautiful when it was all said and done.
Here's what it looks like today:
Another angle of the before:
And today:
Can I just say how much I love this door! The windows are high enough to retain privacy and yet they let plenty of natural light in - it's just about as great of a door as you can get!!

So on another note I went to Ikea this weekend and picked up the Asker wall storage system so I can free up some of the drawer space and get my silverware on the wall. Here's the final outcome but the 4th one in suffered a casualty.
As I was trying to figure out the spacing and where exactly I should place the rack, it slipped and dropped a whopping 7 inches and shattered. It's hanging anyway but you can barely notice it with the way it I just won't put any silverware in that one until it's replaced :-)
 And who needs proper tools, when you have an iphone? The iHandy Level worked like a charm!
Eventually, I'll be getting a stove top right below the microwave and then the kitchen will be officially complete!
 And yes, I am aware that I have about 20 forks and only 4 spoons. I'm not sure how that happened...but you can never have too many forks. That's a pretty well known saying, right? It's not? Hmm...oh well.

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