June 6, 2011

Best gift ever.

Happy Monday!! I have some wonderful vintage furniture finds to share with you today!

Late last week, I received an email from Kathy - two of my friends' mom. Kathy's mom passed away earlier this year and she has been working on cleaning out the last remaining pieces of furniture from her home. She asked if I would be interested in any of her mom's things - specifically two cane chairs. Having just done that with my grandparent's home, I know how much sentiment each item holds and was honored that she was willing to give anything to me!

Kathy had seen the cane chair that I previously made over and thought I might be interested in the chairs that belonged to her mom.  And the answer, of course, was yes, yes, a million times yes!!

Isn't she beautiful??
The chairs are gorgeous and have such a great vintage flair!  I love the character, the tufting and the fact that they mean so much to the Harbaugh family!

I tried them in a few different arrangements once I got them home to try to find the perfect spot. 
This one was good...but takes up a little too much room!
 I shifted everything to the corner but it didn't feel quite right either.  Keep in mind that this room is my bedroom and I was trying to create a seating area but with my bed, nightstand, desk and the other amazing piece of furniture I bought from the Harbaugh's (another entry to come on that!), it just wasn't cutting it.

So I moved them into the living room... 

 Having them on each side of my great grandmother's serpentine dresser feels just right! 
And just for fun...no that's not a computer monitor. That's my teeny tiny TV :-)

Eventually a flat screen will hang on that wall but until I can show you that, let's take another look at this stunning chair!!
See...you hardly remember the TV, right?

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