May 23, 2011

Gallery wall.

I've been in my new place just over one week and I am pleased to announce that every single box is unpacked!! Woo hoo!! Now everything isn't in it's precise place yet but it's getting there.

One big thing that I checked off of my decorating "to-do" list this weekend was hanging my white frame gallery wall. I laid out all of my frames in what I thought would be the layout. I kind of improvised along the way and deviated from my original plan just a tad - but overall I would definitely suggest going in with a plan.

I started with the empty wall behind the sofa.
Then I took my largest frame and hung it center on the wall - I actually pulled out the tape measure for this one (and with the exception of the layout for the adjacent wall) everything else was eyeballed.
Then I started hanging!!
I had four other frames that I decided to hang on the adjacent wall and in order to make certain they were nice and even, I laid them out on some butcher paper, outlined each frame and then taped it on the wall.
Then I nailed right through the paper, removed it and hung the frames!  
And it was perfect!!

Here's the final (for now) look! I love, LOVE, love the way it turned out!! I still have a few holes I'd like to fill and have visions of adding a new row on top so I plan to slowly start gathering frames as I find them!
Oh and the yellow chandelier was a $2 brass one from the Habitat ReStore that use to look like this...
And now it's perfectly yellow!
And my new yellow pillow pulls everything together!
I'm not sure what my favorite thing about this wall is - it could be that most of these frames were in my grandpa's garage or were thrift store finds that have been spruced up with a little white spray paint. That stuff is magical, I tell ya, magical!

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  1. I LOVE IT!!! It looks so nice and clean. I love your yellow chandelier and the yellow pillow really pops!! Cute, cute, cute!!

  2. I'm speechless! This looks like it came straight from a catalog! Good job ! :D


  3. Very Nice. I love the white on grey.

  4. Seriously. THIS IS RAD. I love it and want to copy. Now to find some wonderfully embellished frames to spray paint. My wall above my couch is looking a little dull! :-D

  5. You guys are so sweet...thank you!!

    And thanks for featuring me on your blog, Allison! I appreciate it :-)

  6. I have always wanted to do that, didn't know how it would look but now I want it more than ever, it looks so clean, which is the look I love. I swear I need to redo my whold living room, lol.