June 6, 2011

Next big project.

In my last post about the cane chairs, I hinted that I bought something else very special from the Harbaugh's.

Well...here it is!
All 6 foot 3 inches of it!

I have been browsing my friend Craig's list for awhile hoping to find an amazing deal on a piece of vintage furniture that I could transform. Then this one practically fell in my lap! It's in great condition and it became mine for just $20! I should mention this is the 2nd dresser I've obtained for $20...it just seems to be the magic number! You can see that other one here.

But back to this one!
As you can see, it's pretty long (75 inches!) and since I was trying to fit in a seating area, I brought in my grandmother's solo cane chair and moved the two cane chairs to the living room.
To finish out the space, I finally hung my headboard and moved my tripod lamp to the corner. That poor lamp has been roaming this house for the last few weeks just waiting for home - I think I finally found it!
And I'm once again using my suitcase table as my nightstand.
  Unlike the chairs which will probably remain in their current state for awhile, I have immediate plans for this dresser and all it's amazing details!

I hope transform it into something stunning, but the details shall remain top secret! I'm hoping to get it done this weekend, so stay tuned!

And again, a special thank you to the Harbaugh's for such a great deal and to Angelo who helped me get it to my place in less than a hour after purchase!!

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