September 14, 2011

Hutch clean up.

There is one spot in my place that I have the HARDEST time decorating and keeping free of clutter... my hutch. Everything else can be nice and tidy but if this spot is messy, I feel like the place is a total disaster. Slightly OCD? Perhaps. But this is a safe place, so I'm okay sharing that :-)  

It has come a long way from the the first few days right after I moved in. Look at all those boxes and clutter, ugh! I'm so glad I'm out of the unpacking phase :-)
The hutch definitely made some improvements, but I didn't like where it was headed!
Here's a closer look...
Now, I'll admit it's not the worse thing I've ever seen and I'm certain it could be much worse but it was the one area in my place that I wasn't happy with! So I cleared everything off and tried to transition the hutch (which is normally a kitchen/dining or even a living room piece of furniture) into something that would fit in a bedroom. I'm not sure I've completely accomplished that task...but I think I'm in the ballpark! much better!

I took my scarves out of the brown and white boxes in order to put my blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron, etc. in them. Other than under the sink, I have ZERO storage in my bathroom so I'm forced to store those things elsewhere. I folded the scarves and left them on an open shelf. My Pinterest inspired earring picture frame rests in the middle cubbie with the "R" is in another one (but it's since been moved!)
I am really rough on my shoes and tend to wear the same few comfortable pairs until I can wear them no longer, i.e. they are falling apart! So I moved the basket that was at the bottom of my closet to the top of the hutch for easy access!
Side note...when I painted the hutch I clearly remember debating whether or not I should paint the top of it. Obviously, I didn't because "no one will ever see it." Ha...I guess I was wrong!

I left a few meaningful books on the shelf including two of my grandfather's year books from his days at Roosevelt High School (1930 and 1931) and a Russian bible and prayer book that belonged to my great-grandfather! I love having these family treasures displayed with the sweet little bird perched above.

Overall, I'm pleased with the new look! It's a constant work in progress but I'm enjoying the fact that it now has more of a purpose than just a spot to throw all my random junk!
Up next, I'm working on a whole house tour (all 4 rooms!) with you in the next few days! Stay tuned...

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