December 8, 2011

The weather outside is frightful...

Oh who am I kidding?? I live in Southern California! The weather is hardly's sunny and 61 degrees outside as I type this. Although in my defense, it has been pretty cold in the mornings and evenings... down into the 40's!! Brrr!

But I digress! Moving on to the point of this post...I finally decorated for Christmas! I am definitely a minimalist when it comes to Christmas decor but I love the little bits of extra sparkle and twinkling lights that make their way into my home this time of year!
I have a small four foot artificial Christmas tree that's decorated with mini disco balls...
Sparkly snowflakes...
And matte (and shiny) purple ornaments.
I also picked up a cute little tree skirt from Target that was perfect for my tree!
These little red trees adorn my dresser...
And my favorite owl sits watch.
I found this silver tree at Sears in the after Christmas clearance a few years ago! If I remember correctly, it was something like $2!
I found this bit of greenery at Kohl's in their after Christmas clearance (by far my favorite part of the after Christmas sales!) for a few dollars...

And I was happily surprised to find my white felt wreath that I made last year tucked away in my Christmas stuff! I was wondering if I had misplaced it or if it accidentally got packed away into storage when I moved! But it didn't! This was one of my first crafts which I blogged about it here.
This was definitely a time consuming wreath, but I think it was worth it!
This is my first Christmas in my new place and I didn't decorate with nearly all the things I use to decorate with! I have less space, therefore less decorations! Yay for simplicity!

But I am glad to finally check decorating off my list (I normally decorate the day after Christmas, but I was in Hawaii!) and just enjoy the rest of the month!

Merry Christmas!!

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