January 15, 2012

Beth Moore.

Okay, I'm loving this whole "make your own printable" thing! I'm sure my love for this will fade but until then, please bare with me :-) I posted on Friday about how I made my own version of street name art which is now proudly displayed at home...
It was ridiculously easy so I wanted to make another one!

The inspiration for this one comes from the Beth Moore Bible Study "Believing God." I just started this study last week with a small group of women. It's my 5th Beth Moore study to date and I am continually amazed at how much I learn through these studies! This particular one takes a look at what it means to believe God rather than just believe in Him. What a difference between those two type of beliefs!

This is tacked up at the office so I can be reminded of it daily. Feel free to pin, print, or copy...

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