January 18, 2012

Gray nightstands.

After several attempts at finishing these nightstands only to get distracted by conversation and the setting sun, Jill and I finally finished these nightstands we scored at the Habitat for Humanity Restore!  It was a simple makeover and I love the way they turned out!

To refresh your memory, here was the before...
And here's the after...
 We sanded the tops really well, gave them a coat of gray spray primer and then finished with two to three coats of gray spray paint in Granite.
 Of course, we kept the original hardware and simply sprayed it white.
The original hardware is so cute and charming, I just love it!

If I needed nightstands, these little guys would easily find a place next to my bed, but since that's not the case, they are going up for sale instead.

**Update...the nightstands were sold and delivered Wednesday night! Yay!**

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