January 12, 2012

Street name printable.

I don't know why I never thought of this myself, but it's such a great idea I wanted to share it with you! I don't believe it reinventing the wheel, so I'll just direct you over to Thrifty Decor Chick, where like Clarissa, she explains it all.

But basically, you can create your very own subway art printable using a blank document and the free photo editing website Picnik! Brilliant, right? So I made my own!

My favorite "style" if you want to call it that have been of the street name variety! Here's my version that I whipped up in just 15 minutes...
 I'm only 31 years old (soon to be 32) but man I've moved a lot! I've lived mostly in California (where I am now!) but had a few stops up in Oregon and even Sweden! That's where the Sernanders väg comes in :-)
 This was so easy to make and I love the pop of color it adds!
 I'm trying to add a bit more color to my place and since tangerine is the new "it" color, I thought this sign is a great place to start!


  1. Tangerine is the new "it" color? Lori's going to regret getting rid of that counter top in our kitchen... I, loved the color!

  2. If only you had waited to demo...your kitchen would have been so trendy!

  3. It looks SO good!! Did you know that if I made a street name one, it would have TWO streets on it?! Haha. BORING! LOVE yours!

  4. This looks fabulous! Great idea for a printable!
    I'm visiting here from Miss Mustard Seed. I enjoyed your post about "Fancy."
    It was a wonderful makeover! I love "Fancy's" detailing. She looks great against the white and Tiffany blue ~ classy and pretty!

    happy weekend to you!

  5. Love it, but how would you do it now that picknic is gone?