January 20, 2012

The switcheroo.

 When I moved into my place last May, I knew that I would have a lot of fun decorating and making the space feel cozy and comfortable, and I definitely have! Just to refresh your memory, I only have two rooms to work with. The living room and the bedroom. The only thing that separates the two rooms is a door way. There's no door or hallway or really anything that differentiates which room would should be which (other than the size...one's larger and one's smaller.)

So when I first moved in, the room that I chose to be the living room was the one that had the cable hook-ups.  Makes sense, right? And I really enjoyed this set up! I hung my gallery wall and lived quite happily with a small living and large bedroom.

And it looked like this up until last Friday...
...which is when after playing around on Arrange-a-room, I decided a little switcheroo was in order! By the way, that website is ADDICTING!! I adore it and chances are you will, too!

But back to the matter at hand! Over the course of a few hours, my living room turned into my bedroom and my bedroom turned into my living room! Here's my new bedroom (the living room still needs some adjustments so I'm going to hold off revealing that one just yet!)...
I must say I am quite pleased with the change!! I'm loving the gallery wall headboard look, too!
Since the cable connection is in this room, I left the TV set up just as it was on my dresser.
Here's the view from the doorway which leads into the living room...
I constantly rearrange the top of the dresser and enjoy moving different items in and out, but for now I'm really enjoying my little collection of lanterns...
...and my $2 clearance Kohl's letter "R", birdie and Russian bibles. But that's no guarantee that it'll look like this next week :-)
So for a quick recap, here are the two spaces before and after...
I was a little worried that the spaces would feel weird with such a big change, but they don't at all! It feels very natural like this space was always meant to be the bedroom!

I still have a few adjustments to make to the living room but I might show you some progress pictures in the meantime. We'll see :-)

I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!!


  1. Love the frames. I'm totally into peacock blue right now and the transformation looks great.

  2. Such a cool shift in your living space!! I love your gallery wall!

    Lauren D.

  3. Euh............... LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  4. Love your color palette, fabrics, accessories. Ah, shucks! I love it all! :)