February 20, 2012


If I ever needed a Monday off, today would be that Monday! I am beat! I spent Saturday celebrating my birthday with dear friends wine tasting down in Temecula. I had never been to Temecula even though it's just an hour and half away from home and it has an adorable Old Town! There are also a ton of wineries all up and down Rancho California Road but we just stuck to one - South Coast Winery. I kind of lost track of the number of tastings we had, but it's safe to say that we all great a great time and made lasting memories!
And just so you, Red Vine and wine is a great combination :-)

Anyhow, I spent all day yesterday arranging furniture, cleaning and taking pictures so I can show you my new living room! But before I show you that I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane and see how this space has transformed.

I had mentioned before that my house was brand new when I moved in and I was able to see it during the construction phase!
This was the first time I saw it - pretty bare bones...
 Then it got baseboards, flooring and some primer...
When I moved in last May, I lived in boxed chaos for a couple of days...
 Then things finally started to fall into place when my dresser and starburst clock found a home...although it didn't stay like that for long.
This next transition was a favorite and my place finally started to feel like home when I made these changes!  I moved the dresser to the opposite wall, hung curtain panels behind my bed, bought a rug, and hung my wall ledges and mirror from Ikea. This is also when I got my new camera and boy can I see the difference!
I loved it like this but then (because I like change SO much!) I decided to switch my bedroom with my living room. Now just to recap, I technically rent a one bedroom guest house but it's a little unique where as both rooms have a exterior door. And the door that was in my bedroom (like pictured above) was the door towards the street so if anyone stopped by, they would logically knock at my bedroom door. Still following me? So the other room which I had set up as living room is connected to the kitchen and has a side door near the driveway. But I was bored one night and decided to switch the spaces and my bedroom ended up in this room...
If you'd like, you can read that post here.
Okay, that's all I'll say about the two rooms, I promise. I live here and I'm pretty sure I'm confused about the set up :-)

Moving on to the living room! I had meant to post pictures after the switch, but I kept putting it off because I just wasn't completely happy with the set up.  I loved that it felt so much bigger, but the layout didn't give me that feeling of being just right, you know? Although, rest assured, it feels like that now and I will show those pictures soon!

 But before I can reveal the new living room, I must show you the old. So here we go...
Please just ignore the random mirror and striped art still hanging - my bed used to be against that wall and I didn't want to move anything on the walls until I had a better idea of where things would go.
I didn't particularly care for the hutch and desk being right next to each other but they just kind of ended up there during the transition.
And finally, this is probably the least photographed angle of my house (but you can see both the front and side door, bathroom and a tiny glimpse into the kitchen!)
What's funny is that every single piece of furniture shown in the above three pictures is in a different spot now!  However, the good news is I have that "this is just right!" feeling with the new arrangement!

Stay tuned for the big reveal tomorrow!

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