February 10, 2012

Silver Metallic Giraffe.

 I enjoy bandwagons and have been known to hop on them every now and then and that's exactly what I did last night! While perusing the 30+ blogs I follow, I had seen a few that featured super cute animal figurines, like this over at Hi Sugarplum! Now anyone who knows me, knows I'm not much of an animal person, but that mostly extends to cats and dogs. And spiders. And monkeys. Monkeys creep me out. Especially ones that wear diapers. That's just weird. But I digress :-)  

I do enjoy some animals, like the horses and ponies that wander my neighborhood. Those are cool.
 And exotic animals are even cooler! Like this little giraffe. When I saw him at Michael's for a buck, I knew I needed to have him! And paint him.
And paint him I did! He got a lovely coat of silver metallic spray paint and is now making his home on the ledge above my desk.
I think he's just adorable!
 And when he gets hungry, he can just graze on the little plant from Ikea.
This is such a quick and easy way to add a fun little accent!
And since I already had the paint, the total cost was just $1 for the giraffe! That's totally my kind of project!