July 19, 2012

In the works.

Hey everyone! How the heck are ya?? I hope you're all doing well!

Although, it's been kind of quiet around here, I have been keeping busy the last few weeks and I thought I'd give a quick update!

1. One of the really exciting things is I've been hired to design a formal living room and guest room for a client. The project is in South Orange County and the house is absolutely beautiful, so the design process has been really fun. I'll share more about those projects when we get closer to implementing the ideas but here's one of the schemes I'm working on...
2. I also switched my living room and bedroom around again. I was bored :-) You can check out the last time I did it here. Here's a quick iPhone pic of the end result - it's still a work in progress but I'll be sharing more soon!
 3. Last Saturday, some friends and I went to the Hollywood Bowl for the Grease Sing-a-long. It's the largest sing-a-long in the world and was SO MUCH FUN!! They put the words up on the screen and everyone sings along (hello, obvious.) It's good times.
4. I've also been "stepping up" my training for the YMCA Stairclimb at the end of September!
Having this event on the horizon has been a huge motivator to get moving and thanks to my Fitbit I can totally track how many flights I've climbed each day.  This was a great day with twenty seven!!
5. My BFF bought a sweet old dresser and nightstands from her new landlord (and it was conveniently already in her garage!) It has beautiful lines and we've been working on transforming it for her master bedroom! Here she is before...the after is coming soon.
 6. And finally, I rarely post pictures of myself (and don't plan on making it a habit!), but I got a new haircut this week and my stylist (who is amazing...love her to pieces!) curled it and made me feel all pretty!
It's not as short on that side as it looks....the light from the window just gives that illusion :-)

Anyway, happy Friday!


  1. So when do you try out for the next HGTV Design Star??? :)

  2. Aww...thanks, nathan! I don't know...maybe next year :-)