July 22, 2012

Old headboard.

About a year and half ago I bought this giant picture frame from Habitat for Humanity and turned it into a headboard.
It was only $20 and the exact width of my queen bed!

 I got a lot of use out of it when it looked like this...
But then I changed my bedding and recovered it with a textured yellow turning it into this...
It stayed like that for awhile after I moved but then I got a real headboard and I just slid this DIY version behind my dresser. I figured I'd use it again someday and I'm so glad I hung on to it - because that day has arrived.
This was my bedroom just back in February.  It seems like so long ago and I barely remember it like this! It's probably because so much as changed in the short 6 months since then! That white dresser is now painted aqua, those curtain panels are gone as is that lamp in the corner and as you may expect, so is that headboard. I sold it on Craigslist back when this room temporarily became my living room in the great switcheroo of 2012.
And now simply because I get bored way too easily and have a limited about of space to work with...this room is back to being my bedroom!

I might have a sickness.
Anyhow, I still have several things that I want to do this room including recovering that headboard and getting some new pillows! I want to transition away from the yellow and adopt more of a coral, gray, black and white color scheme with the lamps lighting the way. I also need a new bed skirt - the one I had ALWAYS slid around and drove me crazy so when I moved the bed back into this space, I just took it off all together. It's not the prettiest solution but my frustration level is way down and it's only temporary :-)

Stay tuned!!


  1. Love the idea of covering a frame for a light weight headboard! On the bed skirt problem, cut it off that annoying fabric that goes under the mattress and apply velcro to the skirt and the box frame...voila, no more sliding and easy to take off and clean! Best idea I've seen on Pinterest yet!

    1. Thanks, Jess!! I totally thought about the velcro idea (which is brilliant!) but one of the problems I have is my bed sits on those plastic risers so it's a little higher and a regular bed skirt doesn't go all the way to the floor. But I figured out a solution! It's super easy, took no time at all and didn't even require a sewing machine...win, win, win! I'll be blogging about it soon :-)

  2. How about just buying a fitted sheet to go on the box spring? It's cute, eliminates sliding, and it adds a sleek look to your decor :-) love your ideas.