May 13, 2013

Bathroom update.

There are pretty much three things that have stayed the same since I moved into my little place two years ago. The kitchen, my gallery wall, and my bathroom.
The kitchen and gallery wall aren't going anywhere, so that leaves the bathroom! And it was time.
I was in a very simplistic phase back when I tackled the bathroom.  I opted for a classic white shower curtain paired that with some gray towels and a purple bath mat, and the bathroom was done!
During an impromptu visit to IKEA on Mother's Day, I ended up buying a few new things to spruce up my place. One of those things was a new shower curtain! It's amazing what $14.99 can do to transform the feel of a room!
Goodbye white and simple...hello Akerkulla!!
It really couldn't be any more different than my white curtain and I love it!!  
 I changed up the basket that sits on top of the toilet, too. I added a little white tray, a flower and some perfume. I don't wear perfume on a daily basis, but that might be because it's tucked away out of sight. Now it's right there while I get ready and easy to spritz on before I head to work :-)
 Oh and here's an angle I don't think I've ever shared. My bathroom is set right off of the living room, so if I'm sitting on the sofa and look to my left, there it is!
 I really like the pop of color and ever since I've changed the shower curtain, I've found myself looking to the left and smiling!
And just for kicks, here's a before and after! I don't know if I'll be able to live with this shower curtain for two years (like I did with the white) but at $14.99 it's a super inexpensive way to change things up!
Until next time...


  1. went from basic to BAM! Looks great.

  2. Thanks, Pam!! That's a great way to put it :-)

  3. I love it Rachel!! It is definitely a happy pattern!

  4. Talk about making white look boring. :)

  5. The right lighting can also make a big improvement on your bathroom. Lighting may not seem like a bathroom decoration, but the right light fixture cannot only add to the style of your room, but it can also make all of your other special details in your bathroom really stand out.

  6. From classic white, adding some colors did change the overall look of your bathroom. Your shower curtain also made a huge impact in making your bathroom more colorful! You can also try repainting your bathroom cabinet if you want to. In spending less, you've managed to make a big change to your bathroom. Good job, Rachel!