May 16, 2013

Floor plan.

Like a lot of folks, I'm pretty much obsessed with House Hunters on HGTV. Not only do I love getting to peek into the interiors of home all across the country, but I love to see how much they cost!  Last week, I caught an episode based in Ann Arbor and the girl was looking at the cutest places that were priced under $200,000!

Like this 3 bedroom house listed for just $170,000!
Anyway, I bring up house hunting because I'm feeling bored with my place and whenever I get bored, I do one of two things.  I start thinking of buying something or about major redecorating. Of course, living in Southern California and being a fan of Dave Ramsey, I know that I am not ready to buy a place of my own.  I'm working the baby steps (I've moved on to Step 3 - woo hoo!) and his advice and guidance has changed my life and perspective on finances in ways I can't even describe!
Not only does Dave have his recommendations for home buying (having a 3-6 month emergency fund, at least 10% down, and a 15 year fixed mortgage with a payment no more than 25% of your take home pay)...I find that I really want adhere to those guidelines! So for now, I'm saving my pennies and trying to stay content with renting!
So if buying a new house is off the table (for now), that leaves me with redecorating! Which, of course, I love to do!
I've already been changing up small things like my bathroom and the color scheme of my bedroom, but the last few days I've been thinking of switching rooms. Again.
I know I've tried to explain this before but I think it's a little hard to imagine, so I have a floor plan for you today!
Here's my first attempt at using the free floor planning services over at I think it turned out pretty well even though nothing was actually measured :-)
So as you can see, I basically have two main rooms. My entire place is only 425 square but thankfully I have high ceilings and doors, and doorway (there's only one!) so it feels way bigger than it actually is!
So, hopefully now it'll make some sense when I say that my bedroom is now my living room and my living room is now my bedroom. Because I think that's going to be happening sometime in the next week or so! You can take a look back at the last time I made the switch here and here.

Until next time!

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