May 30, 2013

My Insta-vacation.

About a month ago, my mom fell and broke her hip. After surgery she was in the hospital for about a week and then spent another week in a rehab facility. She's coming along and walking with a walker but has a long recovery ahead of her. She's trying to stay positive and focus on all the things she can do, but it's been hard for her. And it's been a crazy time for my sis who is the only sibling living in Oregon near my mom. So as soon as I was able, I flew up to Portland to see my mom and give my sis a little relief from all of the caregiver responsibilities. It's pretty exhausting trying to manage her own family, work, and taking care of my mom, so I was happy to fly up to offer an extra pair of hands.
 I happily traveled down my favorite road in Hillsboro... 
 And spent time with my sweet and stylish little nephew...
I also decided to help my sister with a mini-living room makeover. It started when my sis mentioned how she would love to buy a new sofa. We talked about sectionals and a possible budget and she was set on selling some stuff to raise the money. But around 1am that night, I was doing what I do (searching my Craigslist app) and found this guy listed in a neighboring town and figured it would be the perfect starting point for the room makeover!
 It was WAY under her budget, in fact, it was FREE!!!! That's right. A giant sectional for free!

I still can't believe it! But the family getting rid of it was downsizing to a house that only had a living room vs a living room and a family so the extra sofa needed to go! It has a little damage from a cat that clawed the upholstery and with a cat, comes a little cat hair. But we patched up the damage and vacuumed and lint rolled like crazy, and the sofa was as good as new!!

With the new big sofa, I figured the room needed something substantial on the walls. The easiest and most inexpensive option was to gather a bunch of my sister's frames, spray paint them white and hang a new gallery wall. The whole thing cost about $6 for two cans of spray paint!
By the way, that's my mom in her senior class picture in the upper left corner. Isn't she beautiful?

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